3 Luxury Resorts in Paso Robles Perfect for a Family Reunion

Organizing a family reunion can be tedious. Not only do you need to plan far enough in advance so family members can fit it into their schedules, but there are usually multiple ages with different interests to consider. You have taken the cruise route and are now looking for a different atmosphere to have fun with your family. How about considering a meeting in Paso Robles, California? Paso Robles luxury hotels have found plenty of ways to keep everyone in the family engaged and happy.

These three hotels have sponsored me, but all opinions are my own. Without this sponsorship, I wouldn’t understand them and wouldn’t be able to help you plan your next meeting.

1. Hostel Paso Robles

Sitting on the site of the original inn established in 1889, today the Hostel Paso Robles with its 98 rooms continues to welcome visitors from all over the world. If you’ve ever wanted a room with your own hot tub, here’s your chance. Plus, it’s on your private patio. If you wish to have interconnecting rooms, this can also be easily arranged.

The hostel is a short walk from the town square

Anchoring a corner of the town square is the Paso Robles History Museum housed in the historic Carnegie Library, built in 1908. The perfect stop for history buffs to learn more about the area.

If part of the family likes to shop, there are more than enough boutiques to keep them busy for hours. Lovers of art and encounters with artists will no doubt want to stop at Studios on the Park.

The gardens of the Paso Robles Inn

Photo credit: Kathy Condon

The hostel grounds offer plenty of places to stretch out

Frankly, one of my favorite things to do is grab a chair and sit under the giant oak trees. The largest, with its umbrella of branches and foliage, has served as the ideal setting for many weddings. It’s the perfect place to be in the middle of town and find a quiet spot to catch up on family chats.

If anyone is up for exploring, they will enjoy strolling through the rose garden, with a bridge spanning the pond with friendly koi. A little further down the path, it’s a delight to run through the chef’s garden and see the herbs he grows to spice up your meals.

Cocktails and meals at the Paso Inn

even the name Breeders Fair conjures up a name that makes you realize this might just be a special place. Recently renovated, this upstairs lounge is still the meeting place for breeders at the end of their long days. One can imagine a group of cowboys, dusty from being in the field, coming in to relax with a beer and learn the latest news from the trail. You can now meet the family members of your choice for a conversation over a craft cocktail.

The Steakhouse at the Paso Robles Inn is a few steps from your room, always on the ground. The food is excellent, with an extensive menu, although as the name suggests they are known for their steak dinners. Once your reservations are made, a long table to accommodate all your family members in the garden is reserved for you to have a good time with your whole family. May there be lots of laughs and special memories for all generations.

Pro tip: Everything is on one floor at the hostel, except for the Cattlemen’s Lounge, which is accessible by elevator.

The fountain outside the entrance to Allegretto Vineyard Resort, California.

The fountain in front of the entrance to Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Photo credit: Allegretto Vineyard Resort

2. Allegretto Vineyard

After a long drive from Palm Springs I must admit I had a big smile as I pulled off the freeway and in front of me was the beautiful Allegretto Vineyard Resort entrance and a building reminiscent of a European castle. The Allegretto is a short walk from Highway 40.

Welcome to the complex

The adventure began as soon as I entered the lobby with its magnificent spiral staircase leading to the second floor. Looking up, I saw a giant chandelier, cleverly designed with color-changing LED lights. Fresh and refreshing lemon water awaits you. You’ll find that check-in is a breeze with knowledgeable staff more than willing to answer even the most mundane questions with a smile.

The wide choice of rooms

With 171 rooms and suites, your family’s needs can easily be accommodated at this spacious resort. My room was charming on the ground floor, with a decoration worthy of a large European hotel. An exquisite bedspread, with an Allegretto monogrammed hotel pillow, sat proudly among the pillows of the bed adorned with luxurious linens. Beautiful heavy draperies covered the sliding glass doors to my patio.

The refrigerator will definitely come in handy if you have treats that survive refrigeration better. There will be no tripping over each other in the well-appointed bathroom with a fabulous shower.

An abundance of activities are available

One of the things you quickly notice is the abundance of eclectic art. What the owner had in mind when he started designing the complex was that he wanted it to be a showcase for the art he collected during his travels. So in one area you can see a giant Buddha and in one of the lounges is a slice of a giant tree that once stood proudly in our forest until a logging company helped with its demise. This slice was taken from the stump left behind. About 10 feet wide, I couldn’t help but run my hand over it, trying to absorb the things the tree has been through in its lifetime.

The family can expand here. There is a labyrinth to walk accompanied by soft music, a zodiac path with works of art and a sitting area to meditate. Challenge your grandchildren with games of cornhole or table tennis. Then take a dip in the pool and book one of their cabanas to relax for as long as you want.

A private dining room at Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles, California.

A private dining room at Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Photo credit: Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Where to Dine and Wine

At Cello Restaurant & Bar, the food is excellent and no matter what you order you will find that their amazing chef can accommodate any special request. Allegretto Vineyards wine tasting takes place in their lounge area with sofas, making it easy to chat with other guests.

Pro Tip: Valet parking is available. However, many parking spaces are free. I preferred the free parking as it was much closer to my room.

The Geneseo Inn in Paso Robles, California is built from industrial shipping containers.

The Geneseo Inn is built from industrial shipping containers

Photo credit: Kathy Condon

3. Geneseo Inn

As I drove to The Geneseo hostel, the twists and turns only further aroused my curiosity for this adventure. I became the Cass wine estate and I was ordered to make my way through the vineyard. Suddenly, in front of me, a contemporary Lego-like building where the sign said to park. I went up to the industrial zone and the check-in building. There I was greeted by the energetic manager, who proved to be not only creative, but had a wealth of information about this unique luxury hostel.

The hostel is created from industrial shipping containers

The owners hired an architect who created a concept that makes each of the seven rooms and one suite feel like a luxury hotel. Each is divided into two and a high section is inserted with a skylight. One side of the room has a large window which gives you a nice view of the vineyard. So you go in, and it doesn’t occur to you that you’re going into a long, narrow space.

There are many activities to participate in

Yes, you are in the middle of a vineyard and your hosts have thought up many ways to keep the whole family busy. If you’ve been wanting to take the family on a trail, here’s your chance. Of course, you can do wine tasting in Cass Winery’s main building, which is a short walk from your room down the hill. Perhaps you would like to educate family members about bees and their importance to our environment? Sign up for one of their courses. Away from the city lights, an evening around the fire pit is the perfect time to sing along or share those fun childhood memories with your kids.

In-room breakfast at the Geneseo Inn in Paso Robles, Texas.

Breakfast in room at Geneseo Inn

Photo credit: Kathy Condon

Meals at the Geneseo Inn are superb

A pleasant surprise and a way to pamper your family is to have your gourmet breakfast delivered to your room. Let’s just say that a breakfast with a cup of pomegranate juice and crab eggs Benedict is far from your usual dish. At the hostel, you place your order the day before and choose one of the two available times. Oh, there’s also freshly pressed coffee.

For lunch, take a walk to the Cass wine estate restaurant at Cass Winery. Get there early, walk around the grounds and be sure to read the cute signs accompanying the garden and the sign above the chicken house. As much as possible, food is grown on the estate.

Pro tip: Geneseo Inn is about 20 minutes from downtown Paso Robles. They will be happy to help you make your dinner reservations. One of my favorite downtown restaurants is The hatch.

The hostel is about 15 minutes from Script, an attraction not to be missed if you are in the area. Go online before your visit to get tickets. Check the sunset time, as you’ll want to get there before sunset so you can watch the hills come alive with LED lights.

Now here is the question. Which of these three environments best matches the personality of your family members? Honestly, that’s the only choice you’ll have to make. You can leave the rest of the planning at all resorts to the concierge, who will likely have even more activity suggestions for your family members.

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