9 delicious food delivery options on offer right now – This is Shanghai

With mass testing taking place again this weekend and many people confined to their enclosures, we thought we’d throw another one of our delivery lists featuring some of our favorite foodie friends who can bring the good stuff straight at your doorstep.

Do you miss the freedom of easy and fast delivery after two months of dazzling group purchases and vegetables galore? With the city finally free, let’s celebrate with some of the Lounge favourites! Pan-Asian offerings will be a refreshing change from slavery on a hot stove.

You will also receive a free mini golf ticket and a 50 RMB shopping voucher with each delivery!

Delivery delay: 11am-7pm

Available on: Ele.me, Meituan & Topgolf WeChat Mini Program

Pick up: Order through Topgolf WeChat mini-program and enjoy 10% off if you pick up in store.



In addition to delivery, a pick-up service is available. See an ad for Lounge by Topgolf


You can now order the delicious offers of La Scala, URBAN Cafe, ZUK bar and Beans & Raisins on Meituan, available for self-service delivery and pickup. Take a little break from cooking and indulge your taste buds.

Delivery delay: 11.30am-9pm

Available on: Meituan




Bonica is a rustic chic cafe and wine bar offering a casual coffee, wine and food experience.

Delivery delay: 9am-6pm

Available on: Meituan or Wechat (Bonica_Shanghai)

Prime! Free Estrella Damm with all takeout orders


Tacos El Paisa


Authentic Mexican street tacos in the heart of Shanghai.

Delivery delay: 11am-9pm

Available on: Ele.me & Meituan

Prime! Free Estrella Damm with all takeout orders



DOC Gastronomia Italiana is back to deliver its delicious authentic pizzas and pastas.

Delivery delay: 11am-8.30pm

Available on: Ele.me, Meituan & Sherpas


In addition to delivery, a pick-up service is available. See a listing for DOC Gastronomia Italiana.


Shanghai’s own Tacolicious, known across the city for its creative double-shelled tacos. With delivery options available in Jing’an, Xuhui and Zhongshan Park, as well as dining at the Jing’an branch terrace. Full bar and happy hour from 5-8 p.m. daily.

Delivery delay: 11am-10.30pm

Available on: Ele.me, Meituan, Sherpas and JSS


In addition to delivery, dinner is available on the terrace of Jing’an Branch. See a listing for Tacolicious.

Urban Thai Cuisine KIN & Urban Thai


Now you can get your favorite Thai dishes at KIN Urban Thai Kitchen in Xuhui and Jingan, as well as Urban Thai on Changle Lu, delivered quickly and directly to your door with Sherpa’s, Meituan and Ele.me.

Delivery delay: 11am-8.30pm

Available on: Ele.me, Meituan & Sherpas

Lu Yongkang


Changle Lu


Kangding Lu



La Baracca, which means “The Hut” in Italian, is an Italian osteria on Yongkang Lu. It’s a vibrant place that checks all the boxes, whether it’s a morning cappuccino and a fresh croissant or a variety of antipasti, pizza, pasta and wine. Highlights include authentic Italian pizza and their over 15 varieties of spritzes or wines from their curated and affordable wine list.

Delivery delay: 11am-9pm

Available on: Ele.me & Sherpas


In addition to delivery, a pick-up service is available. See a listing for La Baracca.

Polux by Paul Pairet


Born in France and raised in Shanghai, Polux is Paul Pairet’s simplest joint yet, in the heart of Xintiandi.

Opened in March 2019, Polux is a French café, chic casual bistro, terrace bar and anytime hangout for hearty brunch, casual fare and cozy dining.

No fuss, no rush – where you can eat and drink all day, where the basics are made with Pairet’s touch and stripped to the core.

To cope with the evolution of current regulations in these uncertain times, Polux has taken over the takeaway offer of ready-to-eat dishes from its menu.

Delivery delay: 11am-8pm

Available on: Ele.me & Polux WeChat Mini Program

Prime! Delivery costs offered within a radius of 5 km (except via Ele.me)




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