It’s been two and a half years since Casanova was arrested on charges related to gang and drug activity, and the rapper continues to fight his case while sharing inside updates. In December 2020, prosecutors alleged that Casanova was part of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang, and they charged the rapper with involvement in drug trafficking, gang-related activity, and even murder. Although his peers have come forward to demand his release, Casanova has repeatedly said that several people left him in the dust.

Earlier this year, Casanova thanked Chris Brown for his help, noting that the “check cleared,” and it was around this time that reports surfaced of the rapper reaching a plea deal.

Bennett Raglin/Stringer/Getty Images

As he and his fans await his fate, Casanova makes sure his wife, Jasmere “Swaggy Jazzy” Corbett, has a lavish birthday. Corbett held things back as Casanova’s case progressed, and even behind bars Casanova planned something special.

“I know it’s not your birthday yet, but before you catch your flight, I just want you to know that even behind these walls, What’s mines will be yours forever,” the rapper wrote in the caption to a video. “Everyone tag @swaggy.jazzy_2x and tell her she has 5 hours to get to the hotel we use to keke in room 206, the key is at reception, just tell them that’s it is Lions season!(Sb a B%tch never could! Lol) [red heart emoji].”

Casanova made similar efforts last year for his wife’s birthday and she came back to thank him for all he did for her. Check out Casanova’s video below.